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in the Birmingham, Alabama area

Creative Direction

Before the (fun) content comes the (more tedious) ideation, planning, and execution stages of a project! Working collaboratively in the Birmingham area has introduced me to a range of talented locals that can add immense value to any project. I find that having community support can directly benefit the creative direction of a project, as well.

Sustainable Styling

Over 5 years of styling experience has allowed me to deeply understand how to flatter any client, and execute a successful shoot. I truly believe that my passion for sustainable fashion and local designers brings an elevated, textured perspective to a corporate shoot.


Immersing myself in the direction of a project is equal parts challenging and exciting to me! I see modeling as a way to express myself in a way that is complimentary to the product being marketed. Working in front of a camera comes naturally enough, but understanding the overall direction of a shoot can help make the creative process more efficient. See Creative Direction above.

I truly think the young people in this city are creating a space where fashion can be celebrated.”

Samra Michael for Bham Now

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